Swiss Farms aims to be the number one supplier of high quality bananas in Australia. Every piece of fruit that is packed into our boxes is quality checked to ensure it meets our strict standards. These are our brands...

Swiss Farms

The Swiss Farms brand is the flagship brand of our company. Our name is synonomous with quality so only bananas with the best flavour and cleanest appearance make it into the Swiss Farms box.


Inderbitzin's Premium Bananas are named after the Inderbitzin family, owners of Swiss Farms. This brand was introduced to provide further differentation within the market place and allow our selling agents the opportunity to carry an exclusive brand underneath their name.

Red Valley

The Red Valley brand is named after our second farm, and most advanced in terms of processes. The quality of bananas produced on Red Valley farm is second to none.

Swiss Fresh

Swiss Fresh is our newest brand to enter the market. We created it to complement our Swiss Farms flagship brand and represent our passion for producing fresh, high quality products. It is available to select markets accross the country.

Red Valley Farm Video

Red Valley Farm Video

Meet Peter Inderbitzin as he takes you through the processes of running a banana farm and his vision for the future. 

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Where is Lakeland?

Where is Lakeland?

Take a look at Google Maps to see where Swiss Farms is located in relation to Queensland's major coastal cities. 

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